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Secretary Work Circle Brief Introduction

Secretary Work Circle is a platform for every school’s secretary division to share knowledge and experience. Four-school take turns in being contact window for this work circle. By sharing work experience and topic discussion, it is expected that relevant work can be better implemented in every school.

Work Sharing Topics:

  1. Internal Control Mechanism
  2. Legal Counseling Service
  3. Press Work
  4. Official Document System and Non-paper Promotion
  5. School History File Collection and Value-added Applications
  6. School Affairs Fund and Expenditure Audit
  7. University Corporatization
  8. Other Secretary Division’s relevant tasks

Contact Window

學校單位 姓名 職稱 E-mail 電話
國立中興大學秘書室 陳姸伶 秘書 04-22840204#1